Upside down…

Last week was upside down, well at least the cake I made was upside down… An upside down pear cake. Very tasty and very fall. What a busy week next week will be! What are your plans for next week? Will you spend your holidays with family? Will you brave the shopping scene? I don’t really shop on black friday, I find it somewhat disheartening. I like to enjoy shopping for christmas, take my time, listen to music, drink a hot coffee, just stroll. So I will be doing what I always do, putting up the christmas tree and watching A Christmas Carol. It is something I look forward to every year!!

According to Pattern…

I recently cut, pinned and sewed a pair of pajama bottoms. And guess what… All went according to pattern. I was trying a pattern to make sure that I could actually sew them, you see I am very new to sewing. I usually just stick to straight line sewing. I will be making more of these. They are very comfortable, and I love the fabric ( a thick flannel) perfect for winter.

Deck the Halls…

So Littles and I have been having some fun making our own christmas ornaments.  They are very simple to make and always interesting to see the what developes… We used clear glass ornaments and acrylic craft paint. We dripped the paint inside the bulbs and rolled them, gave a little shake and let them dry. I turned them several times during the drying time. It takes a day or two to dry depending on how much paint you place inside. I would suggest less is better… Don’t ask.  Here are our results, some in darker colors and other in lighter colors…

So Much to tell…

First off- I must confess I am a serious coffee drinker. I would drink it all day and all night if I could. I also have to confess, I love coffee cups that make me smile! So I was in search of the perfect winter coffee cup… And I found one, it’s perfect. The color is muted and its simple tree are just what I like! I can’t help it, I am a bland, simple, plain girl. So I introduce to you my new coffee cup in all her glory.

Moving on- I have so much to share with you in the coming weeks. Crafts, sewing, baking and all involving the holidays! I can’t wait to share… Until then…


Winter Woodland Sampler…


Here is a peak at one of my winter projects… I say “one” because I suffer from crafting ADD remember! Any how, I am working on this cross-stitch sampler created by the talented Alicia Paulson she blogs over at posy gets cosy. BTW, she and her hubs just shared a wonderful surprise , but you will have to click the link to see what could be so exciting… If you want to know why this is so exciting you will need to click here. And if you don’t want read about it than that is fine also.
Now back to my post… Wow did I ever get side tracked…
I just love this kit. The colors are soothing I love the linen “Smokey Pearl” who wouldn’t want to stitch on something with such a romantic name…
The thread, did I mention the thread? Well this isn’t your standard walmart thread. Nope, its variegated which creates interesting colorways while working the stitches. And the names, well lets just say Bullfrog, Swampwater, Dirt Road are intriguing but what about Turkish Red. Who wouldn’t want to cross stitch with Turkish Red or Camellia! The kit is well done, and the directions are user-friendly and if you have never done counted cross-stitch she has a tutorial on her blog. She just thinks of everything!! I will share in the progress, you see I don’t “need” to finish it until after Christmas… after all it is for winter… it will bring a smile to my face when I frame it and place it on the wall in Jan.


In anticipation…

We are anxiously waiting with great anticipation for tomorrow to arrive! You see, our sweet boy will be home. (Can you tell his mommy misses him) Not only will he be home but we will celebrate his 20th birthday! So in anticipation of this special event I have been busy!
First of all I needed to make sure our laundry was done, because I am sure he will bring home a large bag of dirty clothes! I also made sure his room was in order, I put the electric blanket on so he will be nice and toasty while he sleeps> (I am sure I will score big mommy points here)
I also wanted to make it seem somewhat festive, so I spent endless hours crocheting a fall bunting (mostly because I thought it would be cute) I doubt it will thrill him as much as it does me! Finally, I spent the night making a strawberry cake from scratch…

Which required endless amount of sugar… and fluffing egg whites.  I was a little worried about this… Living up here in the mountains makes my cakes rather flat… It also required two pans!!
I did all this today because I didn’t want this labor of love to be what he arrived home to.

So stay tuned for the finished master piece.

20 Little Things I Love about Fall



1. pumpking bread
2. candy corn

3. caramel apples

4. changing colors 5. Crisp mornings

6. Cozy sweaters

7. Warm fires

8. Good books

9. Hot coffee

10. The final harvest from the garden

11. toasted marshmallows

12. warm fires

13. comfort foods

14. soft blankets

15. comfy slippers
16. pumpkins

17. scented candles

18. popcorn balls

19. afternoon hikes20. Giving Thanks for all that surrounds us…
Today I will be linking up with The Inspired Room. You too can link and post your own 20 Little things I love about Fall or just pop over to be inspired by others.